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<b>Forsaken World</b> – 11th playable class enters China server later this month

Forsaken World has been around for sometime, and for even longer in its homeland of China. Developer Perfect World recently confirmed a major expansion, Source of Chaos, will be arriving on 19 May for the China server, with the main highlight being the 11th class, loosely translated as Warden. Due to the game storyline, the only races able to access this class are male Elves and female Kindred.

According to articles, Warden is able to control the power of both light and darkness. Wielding a magic blade and shield, this class is able to tank, support healing, and also deal massive damage at the same time. There is even a skill which grants party members nearby with invulnerability! Of course, players can choose to be a triple hybrid, or simply choose one path. Sounds pretty OP to me.

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