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B-boy Crazy Legs Brings Clean Water to Hurricane-Struck Puerto Rico

McQueen, a former Special Operations Agent, looks out the window of a chartered airplane — the only way the Waves For Water crew and Crazy Legs could get into Puerto Rico — as the relief team prepares to land at Aguadilla Airport on the northwestern tip of the island. “I’ve had a scope of experiences in my life. I was in Iraq. I was a seal in Afghanistan. I led a team in the Balkans. The destruction left by Irma and Maria is the worst I’ve seen on a large scale. In 15 hours. Not one part of the island was left untouched. But it wasn’t the scope of the damage that resonated with me; it was the way people responded. I saw the positive side of humanity here. There was no hate or resentment. People are coming together and trying to move forward. It’s restored my faith in humanity that I had previously lost.”

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