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CD Projekt RED to Announce New Witcher-Related Title at E3?

I'll leave the title of this newsbit with a question mark at this point, but I think it's pretty clear by the picture that GameSpot snapped near the LA Convention Center that CD Projekt RED intends to announce, well, something related to The Witcher series at next week's E3.The promotional art that dons the side of the Figueroa Hotel looks more than a little light-hearted, though, so it's hard to say where this will ultimately lead.

LGBT community expresses grief and solidarity in the wake of Orlando shooting

history, members of the LGBT community are speaking out on social media.The shooting took place early Sunday at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, resulting in at least 50 deaths and 53 injuries.

Steph Curry makes first appearance in 'straight fire' Under Armour sneakers

An interesting update to the NBA Finals series came on Sunday, this time spiced with a dose of sartorial humor.League MVP Steph Curry was roasted on social media last week for the distinctly uncool design of his new Under Armour sneakers called the Curry Two Low.

Christina Grimmie's brother remembers his sister in touching Facebook post

And a friend to everyone.Genuinely," wrote Grimmie.

'Titanfall 2' crash lands on Oct. 28, complete with single-player story

A single-player story and PlayStation 4 integration are some of the biggest changes to Titanfall 2, which EA revealed more of during its E3 press conference Sunday.Vince Zampella, CEO of Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment, showed off two trailers for the game: one with familiar sections of multiplayer, but one that highlighted the game's offline story mode.

Moment of silence, vigils held nationwide in honor of Orlando victims

Mourners across the nation attended vigils and marked a moment of silence on Sunday evening to show solidarity and support for the victims of the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting.During a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Florida governor Rick Scott asked the nation to honor the victims with a moment of silence at 6 p.

Man arrested in California told police he wanted to 'harm' West Hollywood pride event

A heavily armed Indiana man arrested Sunday on his way to a Southern California gay pride parade told police he wanted to do harm to the event, authorities said.after neighbors reported suspicious behavior on the street where he was parked the wrong way in a white sedan, Santa Monica police said in a statement.

Behold the first hints of gameplay from 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Mass Effect: Andromeda won't be a big focus for Electronic Arts at E3 2016 — more details on the 2017 release are coming this fall — but a new behind-the-scenes trailer peers at some in-progress gameplay.It's too early to call any of what you see of the game "final," but this is a clearer glimpse at the game's journey to a new galaxy than we've gotten to date.

Orlando club owner opened Pulse to celebrate her brother who died of AIDS

Barbara Poma and Ron Legler opened Pulse in 2004 with the promise that it's, "not just another gay club.Now, the space she created as act of love for her brother has been tarnished by an act of violence.

Selena Gomez cries on stage while remembering Christina Grimmie

Selena Gomez broke down on stage Saturday night following the death of her friend, Christina Grimmie, who fatally shot after her concert on Friday night.Grimme and Gomez go way back — Gomez' stepfather, Brian Teefy, discovered Grimmie on YouTube while she was in high school and worked as her manager ever since.

Trademark for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Spotted

Website NerdLeaks has spotted a very interesting trademark and logo registration on the European Union Intellectual Property Office.Gwent: The Witcher Card Game might well be a standalone title based on the card minigame of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which many have clamored for since the game's release.

Neverwinter The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances Launches on PC

With a promise that the content will also make its way to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions at a later date, Perfect World Entertainment fired over a press release announcing that their The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances update for Neverwinter is now available for the PC version of the MMORPG.The devils are in the details:

No Truce With the Furies Announced, Isometric RPG Focused on Dialogue and Replayability

Have you ever considered playing an RPG where you're put in the shoes of a total failure in a world steeped in magical realism?I wasn't familiar with indie studio Fortress Occident, which makes sense given they have just announced their debut title, No Truce With the Furies, an isometric RPG that focuses on choices and consequences and aims for a very literary and artistic presentation.

The Appeal of MOBA Heroes

In a new The RPG Scrollbars column on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Richard Cobbett makes a case for the appeal of MOBA characters when compared to recent RPG protagonists that happen to not be very customizable while also being pretty dull.To be perfectly honest, my interest in MOBAs and online games tends to be on the very low end of the spectrum, so, while I understand Cobbett's criticism of characters such as the Fallout 4 protagonist, the paragraph where he waxes poetic about MOBA characters largely fall flat on me.

System Shock 2 Free on GOG Galaxy Until June 10, GOG Summer Sale Live

To help stress test their GOG Galaxy client, the folks at GOG have made System Shock 2 free for 48 hours, provided the title is redeemed through the aforementioned client.Additionally, plenty of games are currently discounted, as part of the Summer Sale that's just started on the service.

The Technomancer E3 2016 Trailer

With the game release slated for later this month, I'd expect The Technomancer's showing at this year's E3 to be very close to the game we'll get on our hands.It's hard to get an impression of that near-final gameplay from the trailer Focus Home Interactive and SPIDERS have released today, given that it mostly focuses on cutscenes, however.

World of Warcraft: Legion Interview

GameSpot recently chatted with World of Warcraft game director Tom Chilton and senior art director Chris Robinson about the venerable MMORPG's upcoming Legion expansion pack and some of what it will bring to the table for new and old players alike.The conversation is relatively short, but there aren't a whole lot of interviews for the add-on to go around, so we'll take what we can get:

Uber pushes new driver-friendly features amid lawsuits and scrutiny

These and other features, rolling out in Uber's dedicated app for drivers, come at a time when the $62.One group representing 5,000 drivers in New York filed a lawsuit against Uber this month accusing the company of wage theft.

French national arrested in Ukraine 'planned Euro 2016 attacks'

Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has claimed that a French national arrested last month was planning a series of attacks during the Euro 2016 football tournament.The agency released a video, above, showing the moment of his arrest.

John Oliver gets real about that thing everyone hates talking about: debt

British comic, John Oliver recently tackled the complex topic of debt on Last Week Tonight.Oliver thoroughly examined the issue of American debt, enlightening us on the fact that the many companies that end up purchasing ours debt cheaply — debt buyers — and then aggressively come back to collect it are actually very simple to start.