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Brian Fargo, Josh Sawyer and Gordon Walton Chat RPGs

Brian Fargo, Josh Sawyer and Gordon Walton have a lot in common: they all worked on role-playing games in various capacities for a very long time, and they're also all involved in recent crowdfunding projects. That certainly seems to be as good a reason as any to put them together in a room for an interview during GDC, which is exactly what the folks at PC Gamer have done.

During the interview, the developers talk at lengths about their experience with crowdfunding, worldbuilding, team management, audience expectations, the work of other developers, and the personal touches they've instilled in their recent projects.

This is one of the most dense and interesting interviews I've read in quite a while, so I highly suggest you read it in full. In the meantime, here's an excerpt:

Personally, I also can't resist poking fun at this bit of scolding Sawyer received from CEO Feargus Urquhart concerning the nomenclature in Pillars of Eternity:

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