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Dungeons & Dragons Online Podcast Interview, Expansion Next Year

Last month's news of layoffs at Turbine and the plans that Warner Bros. had cooked up to make them a free-to-play mobile game developer was more than a little startling, but it appears that the development landscape for Dungeons & Dragons Online isn't entirely bleak. In a new hour-long podcast interview by the Damsels of DDO, we receive confirmation from producer Severlin and community manager Cordovan that a new expansion is coming to what has become my favorite MMORPG of all time, and it's tentatively planned for release next year.

While some plans are still up in the air, the expansion may introduce playable Tiefling and Aasimar character races, a new Psionic class, a dozen or more quests and multiple raids, and of course the inevitable addition of new monsters and items. Sweetening the news even further is that the add-on could be set in Ravenloft, and that the team is planning more class passes, an 11-year anniversary event (that could add a playable Kobold race!), and more for those of us who are still logging in after all these years:

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