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This burkini illustration highlights the double standards women face

LONDON — A French artist has created an illustration highlighting the double standards women face when it comes to their clothing choices. 

The illustration is entitled "the indecency lottery," and was created by la sauvage jaune. The illustration shows a women in two parts. On one side she is dressed in a burkini — a full-body swimsuit — while the other side shows her wearing a short skirt with her breast revealed. 

"Burkini? A combination of scuba fabric but there's the word 'burk' in it, so it's forbidden. Undress yourself!" reads the description of the burkini.

On the opposite side of the illustration shows a woman in a state of undress, but the comments show the same level of distaste garnered by the burkini.

"Oh my god, a (woman's) breast! Hide that. You should be ashamed. You have no self-respect," reads the description of the undressed woman. 

"Boo! Hair (on a woman). It's dirty — aren't you ashamed? Go and shave!" reads the description of the woman's leg. 

The illustration comes as the mayor of Cannes imposes a ban on burkinis on the city's beaches, citing security reasons. Mayor David Lisnard issued a mandate in late July banning beachwear that doesn't respect "good morals and secularism." 

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