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Nothing to see here, just some dogs enjoying an art exhibition

LONDON — Art is for everyone. And, we're not talking about just humans.

The world's first contemporary art exhibition for dogs opened Friday in London. 

Designed by British artist Dominic Wilcox, the exhibition features a series of interactive art installations created solely for pooches' entertainment.

From open car window simulators to giant ball pits, each work of art is based on activities beloved by our four-legged friends. 

Curators consulted veterinary experts to find out about the best mental and physical stimuli for a dog's wellbeing.

Needless to say, the first visitors to the exhibition seem to have enjoyed it immensely.

Here's a Springer Spaniel with Catch, a screen that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen...

George the Daschund and Trebor the Labrador enjoy Dinnertime Dreams, an oversized 10-foot dog bowl filled with more than 1,000 balls. 

A Springer Spaniel enjoys Cruising Canines, an open car window simulator which features a giant fan to waft a dog's favourite scents (those of old shoes and raw meat, obvs). 

A Border Terrier, German Shepherd Rottweiler and English Pointer admire a selection of paintings created specifically for dogs, some of which are created using colours only dogs can see. 

The More Tha>n #PlayMore exhibition — on Tanner Street — is open to the public until Saturday 20 August. 

Free tickets for the exhibition can be reserved online. 

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