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Team Fiji had the most powerful reaction to their first gold medal win

The Fiji men's rugby 7s team have made history in Rio, winning the nation's first ever gold medal against their former colonists. The whole nation is celebrating Fiji's victory; people are dancing in the streets of the country's capital, Suva. 

But the moment that took the internet's breath away was when the team made a circle, sung a traditional hymn and broke down in tears. 

'E Da Sa Qaqa' is a gospel song, translated as 'We Are Winners Because Of This World.' The team often sings it, along with other hymns like 'Oqo Noqu Masu' (This Is My Prayer) during training camps and games. 

Fiji's rugby team is also known for its traditional war dance, the Cibi. But Friday was all about pure gratitude and relief.

What better way to represent your culture, your people and your country than when a historic gold medal win and a glorious reaction. 

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