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PETA want a vegan-friendly alternative to the place name 'Eggs and Bacon Bay'

Eggs and Bacon Bay? Not on animal rights group, PETA's watch!

They're campaigning to change the name of the bay, located near Hobart in Australia, to something a little more vegan-friendly: Apple and Cherry Bay.

"Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area may as well be called 'Heart Attack Bay'," PETA Australia's associate director of campaigns, Ashley Fruno, said in a statement online.

The group claims that a name change would encourage the local fruit industry, as well as putting health and animal rights high on people's agenda.

"The Huon Valley is famous for its delectable apples and cherries, so we are asking the council WTF? – that's 'Where's the fruit?' – in the hope that it will apply to change the name to 'Apple and Cherry Bay' – which would promote not only local industry but also healthy eating and kindness to animals," she added.

The group submitted a request to Huon Valley council Mayor Peter Coad on Tuesday, offering vegan apple pies if the council went through with the change. Based off Huon Valley deputy mayor Ian Paul's response, that seems pretty unlikely.

"I think the world has gone mad, I just can't barely believe it," Paul told The Guardian, rejecting the group's suggestion that name encourages bad eating. 

"Does any normal-thinking person really think that?" he added. "To me, Eggs and Bacon Bay doesn't mean anything more than a beautiful little beach out the back of Cygnet."

Of course, it's not the first time PETA has asked for name changes to people, places and things. A British pub called "Ye Olde Fighting Cocks" was asked to rename to "Ye Olde Clever Cocks" by the group, while English golfer Andrew "Beef" Johnston turned down a suggestion to change his nickname to "Tofu."

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