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More games join Nintendo Selects to sweeten the back-to-school blues

Video games probably aren't on the approved list of school supplies, but Nintendo is getting pretty studious by putting several new games on its discounted Nintendo Selects program.

3DS titles Animal Crossing; New Leaf, Luigi's Mansion; Dark Moon, Tomodachi Life, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins and Nintendogs + cats: Golden Retreiver and New Friends are all permanently discounted to $19.99. For the Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, mini game collection Nintendo Land and Lego City Undercover also get the $19.99 treatment. (Here are the current Wii U and 3DS games already included in the Nintendo Selects program.) The discount starts Aug. 26.

Along with the game discounts, Nintendo is offering a $50 discount on the New 3DS. Target and Walmart will sell a version that includes a digital download of Super Mario 3D Land, as well as two Mario face plates for $149.99. That sale also starts Aug. 26.

Certain Wii U titles are also getting amiibo bundles as part of the back-to-school deals. Starting Sept. 9, Mario Party 10 will come with either a Peach or Bowser amiibo, Yoshi's Woolly World will sell with either a pink or blue yarn Yoshi, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is joined by an amiibo of the game's hero, Toad. All the bundles will retail for $39.99 each.

While gaming may not be the top of every parent's mind when sending their kids back to school, Nintendo VP of Corp. Affairs Cindy Gordon said the company hears from many parents who want to give their child a way to relax.

"It's a great way to ease the transition before school starts, and to take away the stress and anxiety that comes with starting back to class," she said. "Parents like the opportunity for kids for unwind from school and explore their imagination through play."

Note: deals still apply if you are an adult not going back to school who still wants to explore their imagination through play.

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