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New York Public Library puts 300,000 titles online with new e-book app

E-book nerds, rejoice! More than 300,000 titles are now available for download on your smartphone, for free if you have a New York Public Library card. 

The Big Apple's biggest book lender released a new app this summer, SimplyE, that has everything from the classics to A Song of Ice and Fire and even titles in Latin (and most modern languages, too). While many libraries have offered e-books for years, most of them don't have collections quite as sizable in a single app. 

There are a limited amount of digital licenses for each book, so you might have to wait a little for more popular titles (you can check on the availability of e-book titles on the library's website). But even if the book you're looking for isn't available, you can reserve it now and it will download automatically when your book is ready. And plenty of older books under public domain (most works published before 1922) can be downloaded permanently. 

You can download and read books in the iOS and Android app, but the New York Public Library is also working on versions for the web and Kindle, according to New York Daily News

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