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Club ’s Member Celebration Is Packin’ Gifts and Sales

Club Pogo is nothing without its amazing players, and we’re saying thanks with our two-day Member Celebration. Head on over to collect some great free gifts and take advantage of sales—all for you!

Make sure you visit both today and tomorrow so you don’t miss any of the gifts or sales. Trust us, we’ve got some great Badge and game episode giveaways and discounts waiting for you!

Speaking of Club Pogo… it’s been a busy year with lots of new developments, games and a mountain of Badges. Here’s just a handful of what we added over the past year:

• New games, including Solitaire Gardens, Tumble Tiles, new Coin Casino games, light and fun titles and more.
• Game of the Month, where we spotlight a classic Pogo game and add new ranks to earn.
• As always, we released two new Wednesday Challenges every week, all year long! We’ve got lots more to come, with no end in sight.
• Club Pogo Tournaments, giving members the chance to team up and win together.
• Mahjong Escape continues to wrap around the globe and tunnel through time with new episodes and tons of new levels.
• More Site-Wide Challenges! We’ve brought you an extra serving of Site-Wide Challenge fun, along with some beautiful animated Badges.
• New Badges! Legendary Badges have been remixing long-lost classics, while new Art Badges explore new creative frontiers.
• Trizzle added 15 new trophies and Badges, giving you even more reason to mega-match your way to victory.

What does the rest of the year have in store? We can’t spill the beans just yet, but we’re working hard on new technologies, games and ideas to carry Club Pogo into the future. Naturally, there will be tons more Badges to win along the way!

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