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Fallout 4: How to Get the Vault Tec Workshop DLC Started

Throughout the base Fallout 4 story, and the various DLCs released up to this point, players have had all kinds of chances to rummage through the ruins of various Vaults hidden throughout the Commonwealth. Now players will be able to build their own vaults, as well as perform experiments on the vault dwellers in the Vault Tec Workshop DLC. We’ll help you get started by finding the Overseer of Vault 88, which will open up a brand new quest for players to complete.

In order to start the Vault Tec Workshop DLC, players must have reached a minimum level of 20. Once you have reached this minimum level, a distress beacon will activate, which you’ll be able to hear from anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Open up your Pip-boy, and navigate to the Vault 88 Radio Beacon, which can be located by tabbing to the Radio tab on your Pip-boy. Listen to the distress call to activate the quest Vault Tec Calling, and then track the quest to find it on your map. For ease of access, this vault is located under Quincy Quarries.

Once you arrive at Vault 88, you’ll need to take a few raiders out near the vault entrance. Open up the vault, head inside, and clear the debris to make your way deeper into the facility. Along the way you will meet Oversee Barstow, a human-turned Ghoul and the final inhabitant of Vault 88’s tunnels. Agree to complete work on the vault to activate the next part of the quest, and dive head first into the new DLC.

If you just want to experiment with the DLC, and you aren’t in to completing interesting and intriguing quests, you can choose to kill Overseer Barstow, or throw her out. Doing this will allow you to go ahead and take full control of Vault 88, however, you won’t unlock the more advanced versions of the experiments that Barstow would ask you to perform during the quest.

If you choose to work with Barstow, you will need to interview new settlers, find suitable test subjects for your wacky experiments, and then make differing choices during the experiments that will affect not only your leadership skills, but also the outcome of the final product.

Alongside the new questline, and vault building, Bethesda has also added several new items to the game’s Workshop, including a new generator that produces 500 Power, new furniture, vault-themed décor, and the wacky objects that you will create during your experiments with Overseer Barstow.

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