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Fan buys leaked copy of No Man's Sky and publishes gameplay videos online

Reddit user 'Daymeeuhn' claims he paid $2,000 for a leaked copy of No Man's Sky up for sale on eBay, and posted gameplay videos to Daily Motion as proof (via GameSpot).

No Man's Sky is scheduled to launch on PS4 on August 9—with the PC version following a few days later—but Daymeeuhn wasn't willing to wait less than two weeks to play early. "I told him I wanted the best lightning fast-as-Zeus Shit-Your-Pants-Speed overnight shipping he could buy. It ain't cheap," he wrote.

Check out the videos, and you'll hear Daymeeuhn narrating as he moves through his PS4 dashboard to boot up the game, sit through the opening credits, and take his first few intrepid steps onto the surface of a planet.

One wonders if Daymeeuhn could be the first player to discover a planet outside of developer Hello Games and sanctioned preview/review copies.

Of course, that's hardly the real issue, as Reddit user 'Mashedwaffle' points out. "$52.95 for shipping?!? I don't care if it's the only copy available, that's some bullsh*t."

Daymeeuhn responded to a Reddit post asking why he'd spend thousands of dollars just to get a video game early. His answer makes a lot of sense when you consider his situation.

"I'm a lucky guy. I've done well for myself. I have disposable income and I'm happy in life. I'm in a state of being where I don't look at a purchase and determine the overall value by the price tag, but rather by how much happiness it will bring myself or the people I care about. I'm also very much in a weird state of mind half the time in that I've seen some shit, and I've dealt with loss, and I know all too well that too many of us take life for granted. I could die in a car accident tomorrow - who knows? If I did, all that money I had saved up didn't do me a whole lot of good, did it? That's not to say that I'm YOLO spending every cent every day, because I'm not - contrary to what you might believe looking at a purchase like this that some would label with the "completely insane" tag, I'm actually pretty good with money. Most of the time. :) But that buys me the opportunity to live on the edge a bit with more reckless and crazy purchases when the time comes."

Daymeeuhn reasons that lots of people enjoy dropping money on food, or drinks, or other hobbies. Playing games is his hobby, and the opportunity to be among the first to explore No Man's Sky was worth the eBay seller's steep price of admission.

"I'll always remember this, I'll always have that moment in time when I was able to step foot in the world of NMS 'early' and experience it without any temptations of spoilers. While plenty enjoy spoilers and while I even check them myself when they're there, knowing they don't exist and that I'm ahead of them is the best feeling for me in gaming."

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