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What are Tournaments? (Part 1)


Up for a little friend competition with your fellow Club Members? Then check out Club Pogo Tournaments!

Club Pogo Tournaments are where you join up with a tournaments team to compete against other Club Pogo Members. Win bragging rights and highly coveted Bronze, Silver, or Gold Ribbons in up-to these nine exciting Pogo games:

·      First Class Solitaire
·      Mahjong Safari
·      Payday Freecell
·      Phlinx
·      Pogo Bowl
·      Poppit!
·      Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
·      Sweet Tooth 2
·      Word Whomp
Try focusing your efforts on just a few games when you play as a team, though. That way, you won’t be spread too thinly! And you’re much more likely to win.

Here’s how it works:

Sound awesome? That’s because it is! If you’re ready to dive in further, check out the next two articles in this series: Part Two: Tournament Teams and Part Three: Tips and Tricks to learn more about how Tournaments work. Be sure to check out the Tournaments page, too!

Hope to see you on the top of the leaderboards soon!

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