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Tournament Teams: How Do They Work? (Part 2)


Now that you know a bit about the basics of Club Pogo Tournaments from our first Tournaments article, you can dive right in with a team. Doing that’s super-simple; you can either start your own, or join an existing one!

Here’s the lowdown on how Tournament teams work:
·      If you’re starting a brand-new Team, you have the option to make your team open to all, open with approval for new members, or open by invitation only.
·      A great way to find new players to meet up with is to check out the Pogo Forums.
·      When you’re creating your own Team, you as Team Host can choose the games that your Team will play during the tournament period. You also have the option of removing players from your Team if necessary.
·      You can also join an existing team by clicking “Join an Open Team” or by searching familiar team names.
·      If you want to be game-focused, you can filter by “All Games” in order to pick a team by the game they compete in.
·      You have the ability to leave a Team if you choose; doing so mid-Tournament will cause you to forfeit your score from the existing tournament, but you’ll still keep any personal Ribbons you’ve earned for your old Team, and your old Team will retain its Ribbons, too.

Now that you’re part of a Tournaments Team, you’re even closer to picking up those fancy Tournament Ribbons. Want some quick tips on maximizing your Tournament play? Check out Part Three of our three-part series. If you’re ready to dive straight in, head on over to the Tournaments page!

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