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When you make a character there should be a bar at the top of the screen to select level 1 or level 100. ( / ) This is now a thing. Get your recolors on. ( / ) We've figured out why this keeps happening; we don't have a fix in place yet but it's definitely going to need fixing. ( / ) This is a data bug and will be fixed in a future build. Thanks! ( / ) ( / / / / ) The current damage of Soul Cleave (after a hotfix overnight) is the intended damage after the recent redesign. The tooltip will be corrected in an upcoming build. ( / ) ( / / / / ) There may still have to be some tuning on Phoenix Flames, once we see how the auto-crit fits into the rotation. Overall it's an effect we like, and part of the reason is that it helps stop Combustion from being the only correct time to use PF. But the 90sec recharge is too long--that will be reduced next build. ( / ) ( / / / / ) To clarify a few things: --This build caught the middle of a few changes. Next build, Maelstrom Weapon will affect autoattacks and Windfury attacks. That should keep Windfury relevant to the rotation, but still leave Maelstrom generation lower than before (which we found to be too high). In addition, there is no longer the confusing and unnecessary fact that Stormstrike and Lava Lash both spent and generated Maelstrom. --There's no intended change to Feral Spirits; that's a tooltip bug. --The rotation with Boulderfist is meant to be Maelstrom-limited (i.e., it should have open GCD's, unlike the usual rotation). After Maelstrom Weapon is working properly, we'll see if the Boulderfist rotation is correct as far as pacing, and can tune the damage from there. ( / )

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