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- Dev Q&A Today, Raid and Invasion Testing, PTR Updates, Marksmanship Hunter Preview

Class Order campaign quests that currently send players into Suramar dungeons are being changed to target different dungeons - that should be visible in the next build. ( / ) Actually, Polymorph should remove all damage over time effects when cast on targets in PvP. We've changed all crowd-control abilities that break from damage to clear damage over time effects when applied. ( / ) Much of the blood DK damage was coming from the Honor talent "Blood for Blood" which we've toned down in an upcoming hotfix, and the talent will no longer remove the rune cost from Heart Strike. The idea of the talent is to give Blood DK's an option to increase their damage at the expense of a survivability loss (most tank specs have an honor talent similar to this), it was just overtuned. As for Holy Paladins, the honor talent "Avenging Light" was probably too good now that Holy Light heals for so much. We've toned that one down too, which should be live now. Thanks for the feedback! ( / ) Greetings all, as you continue testing World Quests we would like to put a special focus on areas of player collision. These can often be some of the most frustrating issues to run into on day 1 of the expansion's launch, as I'm sure we've all experienced the line to kill the one boss or loot the one item you needed that wasn't flagged for multi-tap. This includes, but is not limited to: Please let us know if you run into any of the above issues on a World Quest, thanks! ( / ) There are a few issues with the Kirin Tor world quests, we're on top of them, they won't be fixed in today's build but should be by the next one. Thanks for all of the reports! ( / ) This looks to be working properly after restarts! Please re-try this if you were having problems earlier. You might need to drop the quest and pick it back up from Khadgar's Elemental Servant (re-log if he doesn't pop up immediately). Then just run to the middle of Dalaran (over Karazhan) and you'll be on your way to New Dalaran! ( / ) We're looking into this as well, apologies for the delays it causes. We're continuing to investigate into why this is broken on Beta Realms. ( / )

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