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This teacher used apples to make a devastating point about bullying

LONDON — A teacher in Birmingham, UK, has used a simple, powerful trick to teach children about the grim effects of bullying.

Rosie Dutton tours schools teaching children about relaxation and mindfulness. On Tuesday evening, she posted on her Relax Kids Tamworth Facebook page about a lesson she'd taught children about the devastating impact bullying can have.

Dutton's post received over 140,000 shares in its first 36 hours.

On Thursday morning, Dutton took to Facebook once more to thanks everyone for their messages about her about lesson.

"I hope we can take the apple lesson (and many more) forward and start to open up a conversation with our children about the pain our words may cause," she wrote.

"It starts with us. Our children are watching.

"Let's support each other; be kind, build each other up and begin to strengthen the emotional resilience of every child.

"Also, remember to be kind to unkind people; they need it the most."

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