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We asked strangers to guess '90s movies and TV shows from just the outfits

LONDON — '90s movies and TV shows are pretty darn awesome. And, although time has moved on since then; these iconic shows and films are still just as relevant in 2016. 

The life lessons we learned from Clueless still ring true; 10 Things I Hate About You will teach you everything you need to know about dating; and — most importantly — The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is still a major source of fashion inspo.

Mashable hit the streets of London during men's fashion week to test people's knowledge — and love — of '90s TV and film. 

We asked trendy strangers to identify iconic movies and shows from the outfits alone. Here's how they did.

His answer: “I know that’s Samuel L. Jackson, but I forgot what the film is…”

Her answer: "I’m going to say it’s Cruel Intentions.”

His answer: "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?"

His answer: “Clarissa Explains It All. That’s an easy one.”

His answer: "Saved by the Bell."

Her answer: “Criminal something? Law and Order?”

His answer: "I was born in the late '90s so I don’t know. My guess is going to be really bad. I’m going to say Degrassi." 

His answer: "I don't know." 

His answer: “Percy’s Perfect Parrots? Oh, is it the guy who can talk to animals with Jim Carrey? Dr. Doolittle?”

His answer: "I don't know."

Photo editing by Liz Pierson 
Additional reporting by Lindsay Davis
Photography by Andrew Cowie

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