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Fable Card Game Fable Fortune Now on Kickstarter

Fable Legends apparently wasn't the only Fable project in the works over at Lionhead before closure. A small team of veterans from the company has brought Fable Fortune, a free-to-play collectible cards game based on the Microsoft IP, on Kickstarter, in the hopes of finishing development.

With a funding goal of £250,000 and permission from Microsoft to finish the game and use the IP for it, the team at the newly-founded Flaming Fowl Studios hopes to be able to release the title on PC, Xbox One (provided a very high stretch goal is hit) and, at a later date, Android and iOS. Check out the Kickstarter trailer and IGN's gameplay demonstration below:

There are a lot of other collectible card games on the market -- for example, the impressively popular Hearthstone -- so, while Flaming Fowl Studios promises new mechanics like co-op and a quest system, I'd certainly be willing to understand a lack of excitement at the news. That said, if you want to back the project, rewards range from a basic beta access tier to a £5,000 goal that will let you be part of the game.

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