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Overwatch Hero Guides - Tips and Tricks

Overwatch is packed with 21 epic heroes to learn and play. Some are more interesting than others, but all will play their part in the coming battles. Learn all the ins and outs, the strengths and weaknesses, and everything else you need to know about these heroes with out in-depth hero guides. We've broken the heroes down by which hero type they cater to: Defense, Offense, Support, and Tank. Each hero type has its strength and weaknesses, and you're going to need to make use of them all if you truly want to rule the battlefield.

Overwatch's defensive characters are built for one thing, driving the enemy back. With the various characters listed below, players can assume the roles of some of Overwatch's strongest professionals, all equipped with game changing abilities which can help turn the tide of the battle. Learn how to use these characters effectively and your enemy will be unable to capture any command points, rendering your team the victor. But beware, though these tough defenders may be easy to learn and control, they are difficult to master. But, master them you will.

Bastion - Learn how to make use of Bastion's special Reconfiguration ability, and hold back your enemies using his Turret ability to decimate all who cross your path.

Hanzo - Scope out rooms with Hanzo's Sonic Arrow, destroy foes with his Scatter Arrow, and run enemies through with his Ultimate Ability, Dragonstrike.

Mei - Use Mei's Ice Wall, and Endothermic Blaster to slow enemies down, and allow teammates to swoop in for the kill. This hero is all about crowd control.

'The best defense is a good offense.' We've all heard it, but now it's time to live it. The roster below is full of brilliant and powerful characters just looking to make their mark on the world. Armed with powerful weapons, and high mobility, these characters are the creme de la creme of the Overwatch universe, and you're going to want them on your team. Learn their strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to make the most of their abilities, and you will be unstoppable.

Genji - Become the ultimate ninja assassin you've always dreamt of being by using Genji's speed, shurikens, and Dragonsword.

McCree - What time is it? McCree can certainly tell you. Just know it'll be the last thing you hear.

Pharah - Slow-moving rockets and mobility. That's what you can expect from Pharah.

Reaper - Die! Die! Die! Wherever the Reaper goes, death will surely follow.

Soldier: 76 - Soldier: 76 may seem like a generic soldier, but he's much more than that.

Tracer - Blink. Recall. Repeat. That's the life of a Tracer. Just remember to piss off as many enemy Heroes as possible when doing so.

Everybody needs some kind of support. Whether you're looking for someone to spruce up the battlefield with some sweet jams, or just looking to lay down some health and support for your fellow heroes, the roster below has you covered. But these are no weaklings, and wielding the scalpel does not make them any less dangerous. Learn how to effectively twist your playstyle to make the most of these characters and their support-based abilities. If you don't keep your team alive and kicking, nobody else will.

Lucio - Amp up the battlefield with Lucio's support abilities, and keep your teammates moving with upbeat tunes, and healing powers.

Mercy - Heal your teammates, or increase their damage using Mercy's abilities. Turn the tide of battle by keeping your team in tip top conditions.

Zenyatta - Stick behind your enemies and keep your team supported with Zenyatta's support-based orbs.

Symmetra - Control the situation with Symmetra's abilities and attacks. Home in on your enemies and tear them to shreds. But don't stray too far from your team, or you'll be the one with pieces lying everywhere.

Sometimes you just need to be able to run in and soak up all the bullets. That's the basic mentality behind the roster of heroes in this list. All five are axceptional at what they do, and when used effectively are more than able to keep their team ahead of the game. You're going to need more than just braun to survive on this battlefield though. Play it smart, make the most of your tank-like abilities, and ensure you always have your teammates backs. That is the key to success.

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