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- Destro Warlock Artifact Intro, Legion Tapping Rules, Blue Posts, Road to BlizzCon

On the topic of the Artifact and the role you play on the Broken Isles as a leader of your class, there's a couple of things I can share with you: First, after getting your Artifact, you do get to play out the role as a leader and important figure within your specific Class Order as a part of your individual class campaign in Legion. Within the space of your individual Class Order, the squabbles and fighting of the Alliance and Horde are put aside for the sake of uniting to battle against the Burning Legion. Now, as you venture out into the Broken Isles, and into PvP, the external conflict outside of your Class Order will push you, as a player, into some corners where conflict between the factions becomes real and apparent. When working with your Class Order on missions such as these, you are expected to act as, say, a leader of Paladins. This campaign lasts a while over the course of Legion, so the experience of being a leader of your class is not set aside to collect dust so soon. Second, when you are out in the world, as a leader of your Class Order, other factions in the Broken Isles and beyond may not be willing to respect your order in such a direct way. It's difficult to maintain the expectation of being a leader of this mighty "Order" when the groups you're interacting with care little about your ideals and expectations. All of these factions and groups have their own goals and obligations within themselves. In that sense, you can see how not all factions on the Broken Isles will be addressing you as their leader, or a leader even, as they may not see you as such, or they may be concerning themselves otherwise than paying respects to this "chosen" Paladin of some far off Order that they care little about. On your notes regarding World Quests - thanks for your feedback! Since the launch of Legion is the first iteration of this system, World Quests will exist only on the Broken Isles. This will help us make sure we can give players plenty to do and see on the Broken Isles! We're really excited about the opportunities the system brings, though, and we love hearing the ideas and feedback on it. I'm not sure if you're in the Alpha or not, but the Wardrobe system is not currently functioning within the Alpha, which leaves us at a place where responding to feedback on an un-finished system is a little weird. Our developers will definitely be interested to hear all the feedback on the system, though. There are various reasons why we may not reply to certain topics of feedback, including like I said above in regards to them just not being ready or at a stage where we can say much. There's also a lot of others things we are all doing being the scenes that doesn't see the truest light of day, so we do have to respond as we have time, which means you may not get a reply when you expected. For this thread, it happened to be at the top of the forums when I came to do some reading today. A lot of us are working on pretty big projects right now, but I'm sure you'll start seeing a lot more of me in the coming days. ( / ) Hi all, thanks for all of the feedback both here and on the pet battle forum. We have a few updates to share, feedback is welcome!( / ) Screeching Gears also has a 1 round cooldown. Thanks for the continued feedback! ( / ) You will not be buying PvP gear from a vendor in Legion. Instead, all gear will be acquired through the strongbox system. Battlegrounds and Skirmishes victories have a chance to reward you with gear on par with heroic level Dungeons. Arenas and Rated Battleground victories have a chance to reward you with gear on par with Raids. As your rating increases, the ilevel of the gear increases. So a player in the 1700 range may be getting Normal Raid level gear while a Gladiator caliber player will be getting Mythic Raid level gear from Arenas. Each bracket rewards gear based on your rating in that particular bracket. Each week, the first few victories in each rated bracket will be a guaranteed piece of gear. Currently, we're thinking the first two victories but it may increase to three. This is not enabled on Alpha due to a bug. It's been prioritized to be fixed soon. Also, keep in mind that in Legion, your stats are predetermined in PvP instances. But your overall ilevel will increase those stats. The base item level at 110 is currently set to 800. If your gear level is 810, your stats will be increased by 1%. So while better gear does offer an advantage, it can be more easily overcome than in the past. ( / ) It's a good idea. We'll look into it. ( / )

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