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The Elder Scrolls: Legends PC Beta Launches Today, Gameplay Overview

I imagine most Elder Scrolls fans are into the series because of its rich and diverse universe or because of the extremely open-ended gameplay. Of these two groups, I'd wager the ones in the first camp are probably going to be slightly more interested to learn that, beginning today, it's possible to register on The Elder Scrolls: Legends official website to get a chance to test the PC beta of the free-to-play card game.

Here's the full press release on the matter, which also informs us that those attending PAX East will have a chance to try the title this week:

A gameplay overview of the game is also available on Bethesda Softworks' official YouTube, though it doesn't quite go in-depth on the various mechanics yet. We do at least get a rough idea of the game's basics, though:

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