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Pyre Announced by Supergiant Games

Bastion and Transistor developer Supergiant Games has announced a new title, the party-based RPG Pyre. To be honest, this came out of the left field for me, considering it hadn't been teased at all and that this isn't a big season for announcements, but it's a pleasant surprise.

For now, the only information comes from the official website and the reveal trailer. We only know that the game is a party-based RPG with stylized graphics (much like Bastion and Transistor before it, though the art style is sensibly different), that it will focus on the story of three exiles and that its release is planned for 2017.

Without further ado, here's the reveal trailer:

According to the developers' official Twitter account, the game will be shown at PAX East this week, so we should learn more about it soon. Personally, my interest is piqued.

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