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NBA players can't stop checking their phones in the locker room at halftime

NBA players: They're just like us. 

Actually, no, not at all. But they do share one thing with us normal-sized commoners. 

They can't stop checking their phones — even, it turns out, at halftime of games in which they are playing.

Andrew Keh of The New York Times just put out a very fun story about this phenomenon. It's a great piece; you should read the the whole thing. 

Meanwhile, here are three quotes to give you a sense of what to expect — it's filled with awesome, unexpected, just-like-us exclamations. 

“I’m still not a big fan of people checking their phones at halftime,” 35- year old Richard Jefferson tells Keh. “But times change. Cellphones are people’s life now.”

There's also this absolute gem from Kevin Seraphin, a 26-year-old New York Knicks forward: “I’m not perfect. I love social networks.”

But Lou Amundsen, a 33-year-old career journeyman, takes a more philosophical view. 

“It takes us as a society someplace I don’t think we need to be going,” he tells Keh. “I really feel strongly that there’s going to be some kind of countercultural revolution where people start to reject this idea that you need to be connected and you need to have access to everything and you need a phone in front of your face the whole day.”

A modern story for modern times, indeed. Now go read the whole thing — you won't regret it. 

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