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- Warcraft Movie Trailer, Warlords Price Reduced, Blizzcon Tickets on Sale Wednesday

We aren't planning any changes to how Honor Talents and Prestige work in Ranked Play. The cost and conflict is intentional. It's important that in order for Prestige levels to feel prestigious, there is a high cost to doing it. You do not have to Prestige. There is no competitive advantage to doing it. There are rewards but they are entirely cosmetic. If you see someone with a high Prestige level, we want you to know they went through a lot to get it. ( / ) We've made a change to Skirmish in Legion. Rather than having two separate buttons (2v2 and 3v3), there is only one button and it will put you in either 2v2 or 3v3 depending on a number of factors. Our experience with the separate buttons in Warlords was that you would often end up in 2s match where only one team had a healer or a 3s match with triple DPS. Neither of these situations felt very fun and the reality is there are far less healers playing than damage. We want Skirmishes queues to pop fast but allow for pretty fair fights. In Legion, healers specs are always placed in 3v3 matches while damage specs are placed in either 2v2 or 3v3 depending on what is available. This means 2v2 skirmishes will never have healers in them and 3v3 matches will always have healers on each team. Ranked 2s is still available. ( / ) You can only unlock Honor talents at level 110. Agreed. That is in progress. ( / ) Battleground are not launching because there are not enough people queuing for them. Our plan is to temporarily disable skirmishes when we launch beta to get some focused battleground testing while concurrency is high. ( / ) We think there is a group of players that would prefer to just be in less CC overall. It may not be as attractive at the very highest ratings and that's okay. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Similar to before, it's a ramping proc chance. The first tick, it's 2.5%. Assuming that fails to proc, next tick it'll be 5%, then 7.5%, etc. When it does proc, the next tick returns to 2.5%. So in a general sense, its proc rate is: That averages out to ~13.15%, but much smoother and reliable that a simple 13.15% proc chance. I've heard this feedback many times, and have yet to have it make any sense. As far as gameplay goes, you do something like one UA every ~8sec (single target). That doesn't really jive with the 'spamming UA sucks' feedback. You may very well do several back to back, but then go a long period with casting none. So where is this 'spamming UA sucks' feedback coming from? All Agonys you have out. ( / )

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