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Beautifully honest illustrations perfectly depict the private lives of women

We are at our most human when we think the world isn't watching us.

Arkansas-based artist Sally Nixon's illustrations perfectly depict the lives of women when they are away from the prying eyes of society (or at least just around their best friends). Either way, this is a judgement free zone.

Nixon began her untitled series as part of a 365 day drawing series that she started a year ago. "When you take on a project like that, coming up with subject matter everyday can be difficult. My own daily routine became a great source of inspiration," Nixon told Mashable in an email.

The illustrations depict the quiet moments that women experience in their full glory and simplicity. Without the pressure to be perfect, they gossip, eat, drink, sleep, brush their teeth and basically just act like regular human beings — a luxury that doesn't seem to be afforded to women often enough.

"Women are constantly being judged for how they look and act. It can be exhausting. I wanted to show women when they are completely and utterly comfortable and not concerned with who is watching them or making opinions about them," Nixon said.

While each piece of the series can be poignant and relatable, Nixon also hopes viewers will find some humor in them as well. After all, who hasn't eaten cake straight from the pan or used their pet as a pillow?

Some of the illustrations are on her personal website, but she also documented her year-long series on Instagram.

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