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- Legion Alpha - Build 21491

FYI, today’s build should finally include the Interesting Auras data. Let us know how that works out. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Hey Blood Death Knights. You may have noticed that Frost and Unholy got some significant revisions to their talents in today’s build. We were in the process of doing the same for Blood when today’s build was made, along with some baseline changes, and most of those changes didn’t make it in in time. Here’s a full list of what’s yet to come in the next build for Blood: While you unfortunately won’t be able to play with these changes until the next build, we look forward to your feedback on them. Thanks! Wraith Walk for mobility, Heart Strike to snare, and no immunities (What immunities are you thinking of? IBF's stun immunity?), plus talented stronger snare, AoE fear, or CC-break. Not baseline, that's the Heartbreaker talent. Correct. Additive. Attacked for 100, first charge reduces that to 80, second charge reduces it to 60. We tried it as RP, and found Runes to be much more versatile. We found that you'd generally rather have the option of which Rune ability, plus the RP ability with a GCD or two delay. (Giving you 1 rune is effectively giving you 10-15 RP as well, once you spend it) The Heal % will be tuned. Probably halved, or more, since you can keep it up more often. We think it works well as an alternative RP spender. This sounds like tuning feedback; we'll get to tuning. Tombstone and Rune Tap are somewhat similar, but their frequency is intentionally rather different, as is how you setup to use them. We'd like to leave the 'continuously drain RP until you run out' mechanic to Breath of Sindragosa on DKs. Yes, multiple targets causes multiple heals per sec. It's good for self-healing when there are multiple enemies. Purgatory being considered 'mandatory' to some is always interesting to us, since it doesn't actually reduce the healing you need, while its competitors do. It's quite likely that if you took one of the competing talents, you'd never need Purgatory, and would need less external healing. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Hey Windwalkers. Today’s build includes the previously-described new design for Windwalker AoE. Please give it a try, run a dungeon, and let us know how it feels. There are a few changes still to come that we’ve made internally, but not in time for today’s build, that are further revisions to this, that I’d like to describe. It feels odd for the only throughput benefit of SEF to be the bonus SCK damage, in most situations (since on <5 targets you likely already have tagged them all for SCK even without SEF). Fantasy-wise, SEF is a really cool spell, and we think this version is too restrictive on its use case. As such, we’re going to merge it with Tigereye Brew, to function in all the ways you used Tigereye Brew as well. With the below changes, SEF will become your primary DPS cooldown, for both single-target and AoE, with the added bonus of quickly tagging targets for Spinning Crane Kick. This is intended to be a pure upgrade to Tigereye Brew, so let us know if you see any issues this may cause. You’ll be able to try this out in the next build. Healing Elixirs was already thin on triggering effects, for all specs. We're considering that as its own separate problem that we will solve. Current thought on how to best do that is to just make it an active button itself, instead of tied to other abilities, but with the nuance that it'll auto-activate if you get knocked low, just like it currently does (so you can still treat it as a passive if you prefer). When you cast SEF, the clones will spawn and pick two nearby targets. Whenever you attack something, they'll repick their target, based on the aforementioned logic. However, if you press the SEF button again they will immediately jump to the targeted enemy and attack only them, never swapping off them. If you swap targets and press it again, they'll swap to that target. If they're focused on a target and that target dies, they'll revert to autopicking (bouncing around like crazy). The SCK changes should be in today's build. Yes, SEF spirits hitting anything does count as you tagging it for SCK. Whether they benefit from % damage increase buffs will have to be handled manually per effect (they're pets, under the hood, of course), but we intend for them to almost always benefit from whatever you benefit from. Please let us know when they don't, and we'll fix it if we can. Yes, they can attack the same target as you. You and your spirits each deal 45% of normal damage, for a total of 135% of normal, a net gain of 35% increased damage. Same duration/recharge as Tigereye Brew had. 2 charges, 90sec recharge, 15sec duration. ( / )

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