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Hillary Clinton just won (at dominoes) in New York

Hillary Clinton won big in New York on Friday — too bad it was only a game of dominoes.

But that didn't stop Clinton from joyously celebrating her victory as she sat down with a group of voters at a senior center in East Harlem.

Clinton is touring the state in the lead up to the New York State primary on April 19, a key state for the Democratic contender. 

"Help me win next Tuesday, ok?" Clinton exclaimed after beating her opponents and leaping from her seat. "I'll come back and play with you guys!"

While campaigning Friday morning in East Harlem, Clinton visited Corsi Senior Center, played a game of dominos, spoke to about 75 people and toured a public housing apartment in the building. 

"Today, too many New Yorkers are struggling to pay rising rents. They're being priced out of communities where they've been for years," Clinton said. "And Latino and black families are being hit the hardest." 

Her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, is across the Atlantic for a visit to Vatican City for a conference on social and economic justice, which he said was too meaningful to pass up.

But the New York primary is a key moment for both in the race for the party's nomination. For Clinton, a win in New York, a state that twice elected her senator would blunt Sanders' recent momentum and put his pursuit of the nomination further behind. A Sanders upset in New York would shake up the race, raising fresh concerns about Clinton's candidacy and breathing new life into the Vermont senator's campaign.

Additional information from the Associated Press.

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