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Ys VIII Introduces Childhood Friends Of Dana In Olga And Sarai

Falcom has provided some new details and screenshots on two new characters, Olga and Sarai, the two childhood friends of Dana that took good care of her when they were kids.


Dana and Sarai’s childhood friend. She’s a hard worker that is tough on herself and those around her. While she does often make cautious remarks towards Dana who always finds ways to get in trouble, she has acknowledged Dana’s rich imagination and decisiveness since they were kids.



Olga may have a different way of thinking and living compared to Dana, but has always protected her friend since they were children and continued doing so even as they grew older.


Dana and Olga’s childhood friend. Sarai has a gentle and cheerful personality, and treats everyone equally. She loved listening to rumors as a kid, and would watch over Dana the troublemaker who caused trouble to those around her, and Dana who would scold her for it, when they were young.


Sarai is more conservative and isn’t one to initiate action, but she occasionally makes scathing remarks that even makes Olga utter a groan.



Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will release in Japan on July 21, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation 4 version will release in 2017.

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