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The best PS4 hard drive upgrade

Running out of hard drive space? No worries, you can easily swap out your PlayStation 4’s hard drive and stick in a new, bigger, speedier option in no time. But which is the best hard drive for PS4?

The standard PS4 comes with a 500GB drive built in, but after two and a bit years of installing games, downloading DLC, and grabbing free downloadables, all that space can fill up fast. Modern games often come with install size of over 40GB - that's getting on for 10% of your total space with a single game. Fortunately, you can expand that space to store more games on your system, get your PS4 booting up more quickly, and load games faster with a simple hard drive swap - and it's not difficult to do at all.

Even if you’ve got one of the later 1TB versions of the console there are options to double your storage with a mighty 2TB beast!

Considering you can plug in literally any hard drive that fits, figuring out what model is best for you to swap in can be tricky. Maybe you're focused on getting your load times down; maybe you just want more room to keep your Playstation Plus library intact. Whatever the case may be, we've collected some of best replacement hard drives to suite your needs in the following slides.

The best all-round PS4 hard drive upgrade is Seagate’s SSHD hybrid drive. It comes in full 1TB trim and, by utilising a small portion of solid state storage in conjunction with its more traditional spinning platters, it’s capable of delivering a tangible performance boost too.

That means even if you’re upgrading a newer 1TB version of the PS4 you’re still getting faster boot times even if you’re not getting any extra capacity.

If load time performance is more important to you than capacity then a solid state drive is your best bet for speedy storage. And right now Samsung has pretty much got the SSD market sewn up, providing some of the quickest, most reliable and affordable options around.

The Samsung 850 EVO is a great choice and you can pick up a 500GB version of the drive for a decent price right now. Though for the ultimate PS4 hard drive upgrade you can also pick up a massive 2TB version of the Samsung 850 EVO...

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to upgrade your PlayStation 4’s hard drive, especially if you’re moving from one of the 500GB models. The HGST 7K1000 comes with a 1TB capacity for a great price and is a touch quicker than the pedestrian 5,400RPM model the PS4 ships with.

Samsung doesn’t just make great SSDs, it’s also got a great-value 2TB traditional hard drive as well. The M9T comes with a huge capacity, doubling the storage space for even the largest off-the-shelf version of the PS4. It is no quicker than the hard drive which comes with standard PS4, so this is the option for those with a huge gaming library but aren’t too concerned with their current game loading speeds.

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