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Severed Comes To The PlayStation Vita On April 26

Severed, Drinkbox Studio’s next game, will be coming to both North American and European PlayStation Vitas on April 26, 2016. This first-person dungeon crawler tasks players with helping Sasha, a one-armed warrior, as she goes through a strange dreamscape. Her goal is to find her family, defeating anyone who stands in her way in the process.

The gameplay of Severed focuses on severing limbs from opponents with sword slashes. Players swipe their fingers across the PlayStation Vita’s touchscreen to attack, with different sorts of slashes. The pieces you cut off of enemies can then be used to create equipment and abilities for Sasha, making her stronger and determining her upgrades. All fights, as well as dungeon-crawling and puzzle solving, is done from a first-person perspective.


Severed will be $14.99 when it launches on the PlayStation Store. A 10% PlayStation Plus launch discount will bring the price down to $13.49. The Severed OST, by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan with Pantayo, is immediately available to listen to online or purchase for $8.88.

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