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Two New Classes Coming To Black Desert Next Week


The Musa and Maehwa classes are coming to Black Desert on April 20, each bringing their own unique playstyle to the game.

Musa’s high-speed sword slashes turn him into a dervish in the field, lashing out with AoE attacks while staying highly mobile. He can deal a lot of damage to many enemies using his abilities, but his character is fragile, requiring the player put his mobility skills to good use.

Maehwa, the female counterpart to Musa, specializes in one-on-one combat, tying up her opponent for an extended time. She also has an array of attacks that can knock down opponents, giving her or other players an opportunity for close-up attacks. She has the same high speed and low health as the Musa, though, so players will have to use her with care.

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