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Warcraft Movie: Another Poster, Orgrim Statue & Old Duncan Jones Interview - News

In today's round-up of Warcraft news, we have a poster from CinemaCon, a huge statue of Orgrim Doomhammer and a just released on-set interview of Duncan Jones from 2014.

Redditor Ilizur found out the following poster. It features the very well known image of Durotan and Anduin with their faces painted red and blue respectively (you can see it in the header of this article). This time, Garona and Khadgar join them in this bigger poster: Garona dons the colours of both the Horde and the Alliance, while Khadgar's face is painted in blue.

Warcraft's director, Duncan Jones, tweeted out this amazing statue of Orgrim Doomhammer that is going to be exhibited in various cinemas in the US.

The statue is 7 feet (2,13 metres) tall and weighs 312 lb (141 kilos). Check out how big its hands are:

Last but not least, an on-set interview of Duncan Jones was released yesterday by Trade Chat. According to the description of the video, this was a group interview conducted during a set tour in March of 2014. It's impressive how Duncan Jones really seems to know his stuff about Warcraft lore and how passionate he is about the movie. Enjoy!

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