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Results for Heroes of the Dorm & EU Summer Regionals Qualifiers - News

Heroes of the Dorm 2016, one of the most widely publicised Heroes of the Storm competitions, is officially over. The qualifiers for the European Summer Regionals concluded this weekend as well.

Real Dream Team from Arizona State University sweeped (3-0) the Heroes of the Dorm 2016 finals and were crowned as victors. The team from ASU was notably the runner-up in last year's edition of Heroes of the Dorm, although the roster of players was different then. Still, they were the favourites for this year as well and indeed they proved all predictions correct. Don't forget that the third tint of the Azmodunk Skin will feature Real Dream Team's colours!

Here is the VOD of the finals:

Moreover, the last qualifier for the European Summer Regionals also took place last Saturday (April 9). Even though Team Dignitas and mYinsanity could go straight to the final qualifier, they both chose to compete in the first qualifiers that took place in late March. mYinsanity had lost to Dignitas, but managed to climb their way up through the losers bracket.

At any case, the 8 teams that have qualified for the first European Summer Regional are: Team Dignitas, mYinsanity, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere (Na'Vi), Silenced Monkeys, Team Sandwich Monkey, Fnatic and Epsilon. Surprisingly, Virtus Pro didn't manage to qualify for this first European Summer Regional that will take place from April 22 to 24 in Leicester, UK. However, they still have a chance to secure a spot in the future second European Summer Regional.

You can read the details on the Heroes of the Storm Summer Season here.

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