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Here's what we learned about Battlefield 1's The Runner mission before EA yanked the video

Some leaked Battlefield 1 gameplay of "The Runner" mission found its way onto YouTube (from a streamer, to VG247's Turkey outlet , to another YouTuber who gave it some minor edits for length) and now EA has pulled it down. Fortunately I was already working on a series of gifs to show you some new details about the mission, and those remain!

First up, a little primer: The Runner is one of several single-player missions for Battlefield 1. This one follows two Australian scouts assisting with the British Empire's Gallipoli Landing forces. Now here are the interesting bits I managed to grab:

As for the spaces between, it resembled a standard Battlefield multiplayer match: lots of scouting ahead, picking off enemies from afar, feeling a bit lost and then dying. Aside from the cutscenes, it was less cinematically crafted than the Storm of Steel prologue mission - which isn't a complaint. We'll see how all these war stories shake out when Battlefield 1 is released on October 21.

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