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Here's why we don't have a Mafia 3 review up yet - and when you can expect one

Mafia 3 is out today. So it might surprise you - particularly given the healthy amount of coverage we've given the game during preview - that we don't have a review up yet. So I thought we'd better explain. 

The thing is, 2K sent review code out very late. Only over the last 24 hours, in fact. For a game as high-profile and so far very well-received as Mafia 3, this is surprising, but that's the situation we have to work with. Now, although it's the traditional internet attitude to assume that late review code equals a crap game, we have no reason to think that with Mafia 3. We've played a great deal of the game already - six straight hours at our last preview - and found it to be nothing but a satisfying, fun, well-crafted, and really rather intelligent game. So we're not assuming anything negative. Indeed, you might recall that we had a very similar situation with Doom earlier in the year, and that turned out to be one of the finest games of 2016 so far. 

But whatever the reason, we're not in a position to deliver you a review of Mafia 3 yet. I do, however, have a copy installed and ready to go, and will be playing through as much as I can this weekend. Next week, we'll publish the first part of an ongoing review-diary detailing my findings, which will run on the site on a regular basis until I'm ready to deliver a final verdict, at which point the diary will be replaced with a definitive, scored review. 

If you want a hot slice of fresh Mafia 3 in the meantime, check out the video above, which shows James playing the first 25 minutes of the game. Hopefully that will keep you going for a while. And I promise you that I'll have my final verdict with you as soon as humanly possibly next week. 

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