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The PlayStation VR 'Ultimate FAQ' answers more than 70 questions about virtual reality

With just 10 days left until launch, you've no doubt at least heard of PlayStation VR by now. But if you still have questions despite our coverage, the preview events, and the trailers, Sony has you covered. The PlayStation Blog has just posted "The Ultimate FAQ" about PS VR for your viewing and reference pleasure.

Note that when they say "ultimate," they aren't kidding; the list contains more than 70 questions, broken down by categories such as hardware specifications, games, cinematic mode, health and safety, peripherals, and streaming.

I admit there were even a few surprises I wasn't aware of. For example, did you know you can stream PS VR gameplay just like you would a regular game? Or that, due to the 3D audio processing generated by PS VR, you should not use surround sound headphones? If you're planning/hoping to grab one of these on October 13, I suggest checking out the full list and seeing what you might've overlooked.

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