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Destiny Rise of Iron hub: everything Guardians need to know

Destiny's Rise Of Iron has, er, Risen! Well, depending on time zones. Here's where you'll find all our Destiny stuff from tips to news, gameplay and more. 

We've already played it so read our Rise Of Iron review here. 

This is our main hub for all our Rise Of Iron tips and guides. That includes help with factions, chests, dead ghost locations and more. 

We've also got some Destiny tips to raise your light levelfast, if you need to catch up.  

Find out what Rise of Iron's new artifacts actually do. 

And if you need to get your house (of wolves) in order here are 7 things you have to do before Rise of Iron

Need to catch up fast then here's 6 things you need to know about Rise of Iron to bring you up to speed. 

Want to see how it all starts? Destiny: Rise of Iron's secrets begin... with a jumping puzzle.

We've also played Rise of Iron's first level (spoilers: it's good).

Here's what we've seen so far of Rise of Iron's new raid .

Grind no more as Destiny: Rise of Iron will add paid reputation boosters if you want to spend some cash. 

You can also pretty up your gear as Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Exotic weapon ornaments are looking amazing. 

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