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The Community Spotlight - 09/04/2016

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, and as always I, ZombiePie, am honored to be your host this week. With the baffling shenanigans of PAX West 2016 alive and well it is time to enjoy the best offerings of the Giant Bomb Community. Now that aside we actually have a great deal of site related housekeeping to review, so let's jump right into it!

Us vs. Them: C'mon N' Ride the GBWest Train (By: PATCHCOAT)

Patchcoat compiled his favorite moments from Us vs. Them: Rocket League into a single hilarious video you should feel free to enjoy.

FlashFlood_29 has set up a two 2016 fantasy Football (American) leagues that all of you are welcomed to join and participate in.

On Tumblr bakadeshi managed to create these GREAT pencil sketches of Drew and Jeff!

Total Run Time Of All Giant Bomb Videos (By: MATSEMANN08)

matsemann08 has calculated the total and average running time for every single video Giant Bomb has produced by year. Check out the statistics and thank him for taking the time to calculate this information.

TheMasterDS shares the 32 level multi-world series he managed to create in Super Mario Maker! Read all about how long the effort took to make a reality, and why he would commit to such an idea.

Ball and Biscuit: Thoughts on DA:I's "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts" Quest (By: EGGE)

Egge shares why he was ultimately impressed and rather overwhelmed by Bioware's interactive storytelling in Dragon Age: Inquisition's story quest "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts."

Resident Evil 4 Is Out *again* -- And Hey, It's Still Pretty Great (By: DOGBOX)

How could anyone be excited for a remake of a remake? Well dogbox took the time to extrapolate why he was more than happy to re-visit Resident Evil 4.

PlayStation Vita owners rejoice! A new month means that BlackLagoon is back with a wonderful annotation of the PS Vita games coming out this month.

Neo Nioh, Not-So-Neo Yakuza 5, and Neo Titanfall 2 (By: MOOSEYMCMAN)

MooseyMcMan really managed to "run the gamut" last month in terms of gaming! Read all about it on another exhaustive blog post by Moosey.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Isn’t Great, But I Love Regardless (By: DARTH_NAVSTER)

Darth_Navster extrapolates how Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an inconsistent roller-coaster, and occasional technical nightmare, that he managed to develop a fondness towards.

Dead Rising Isn't For Everyone, And That's Fine (By: PERFIDIOUSSINN)

PerfidiousSinn uses Dead Rising as a case study of video games that are not for everyone, but are great nonetheless. Read about that, as well as his concerns for Dead Rising 4, now!

The Titanfall 2 Tech Test Showed the Power Demos Can Have (By: SAM_LFCFAN)

Sam_lfcfan used the Titanfall 2 Tech Test as an example of why game demos still have an important place in the video game industry.

NBA 2K: The Deepest Tactical/Strategy Action RPG on the Market & My Personal Basketball Coach (By: ARTISANBREADS)

ArtisanBreads explains why he thinks NBA 2K16 is the "deepest and most fun strategy action "RPG" he has played in a good long time.

Dankest Confession: The Games I've Bought But Will Not Play (By: BIGSOCRATES)

There are a myriad of games that BigSocrates owns but has never played. Discover which games those are, and why he'll probably never play them.

Mento completed two big ongoing series this week: his work ensuring that every SNES/SFC game released in 1995 has its own page on the Giant Bomb wiki, and his play-by-play coverage of Metal Gear Solid V. He also updated his usual news and reviews weekly feature.

What are YOUR impressions of the Battlefield 1 open beta? Feel free to share them with the Giant Bomb community over here!

Games With Movement That Feels Really Good (By: NOTKCOTS)

Which games have utilized in-game movement to their advantage the best? Whether it's a simple game like SpeedRunners, or a big budget title like Sunset Overdrive, share and discuss your pick.

ARK Now Has Paid DLC While Still in Early Access (By: CAMERON)

Should an Early Access game like ARK: Survival Evolved be allowed to charge money for paid DLC? Join the community debate regarding the issue now.

Playstation Now on PC (By: TARTYRON)

Have any of you tried out PlayStation Now on the PC? Feel free to share your experiences with the service with the rest of the Giant Bomb community.

Best Typing Games on PC (By: KEWLSNAKE)

kewlsnake is using his latest list to annotate the best "Typing Games" on the PC. See which games made the cut in his books.

This exhaustive list of "Doom Clones" by Psykhophear isn't just a fun time, but it is also the 100th list he has created on the site!

It's the game that Capcom cannot help but publish for every conceivable platform, but check out our Resident Evil 4 wiki to discover the ins and outs of the game.

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