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ZI Podcast Ep. 013: How Breath of the Wild is Revolutionizing Story Telling

This week on the ZI Podcast we dive deep into all of your burning topic suggestions. We had a huge swath of topic ideas from all over our fan base and we wanted to make sure we covered as many of them as we could. However, one particular topic about dungeons in Breath of the Wild ended up spinning off into one of the most interesting discussions we've ever had on the podcast about that game... how story will be presented in a world through a method few if any games have ever even attempted to do before.

This conversation sprung up in large part thanks to our special guest this week, Damir Halilović. Damir is actually one of the original founding staff members of Zelda Informer on the whole, though his last days with us here came many years ago now. We also have our usual cast of characters, as in Alfred and yours truly.

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