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Legion Megabattle: Who won?

With the Legion expansion set to release less than a week from now, this is the perfect time to test their cuddly companions' weaknesses. Check out the video below to witness the latest Pet Battle Royale winner as , the WarcraftPets community. This battle was a runaway from the start. Lil'lidan ran away with this victory handily. Personally I was hoping Minfernal would show better, or that maybe the adorability quotient of the Fel Pup would make a larger dent in the standings. However, though the community places a whole lot of faith in the original demon hunter, we'll see who laughs last starting next week. ...The Burning Legion. The Burning Legion laughs last. In the world of pet battling, there's always a next match. You never know who might show up in the ring in the next Pet Battle Royale! Check back soon for another chance to vote for the next champion.

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