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Where's our No Man's Sky review?

This week No Man's Sky will finally arrive. But our review won't. Why? Because copies haven't been made available in time to sufficiently assess a game that's promising a near infinite universe to explore. 

There's also a substantial day one patch for No Man's Skythat will substantially alter the game currently shipping on disc. It means that if we were to try and review it, based off early or leaked code, we wouldn't be doing you or the game justice. So the plan is to review it as we play: to provide updates and videos as we go, accessing it and telling you what we think. 

There won't be a final verdict for a while, as billions of planets and gameplay promised to last upwards of 100 hours can't be rushed. We'll tell you what we think though - how the exploring is going, what works, what doesn't etc - so you'll still get an expert opinion, just in a more flexible, 'as it happens' kind of way. You can ask questions and you'll still get an expert opinion on whether it's worth your money, just not quite yet. 

In the mean time read on to find out what we do know about No Man's Sky.

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