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No Man's Sky has game-changing day one patch. Farming added, base building on the way!

No reviews before release is usually worrying, but not always a sign that things have gone wrong. Now Hello Games has explained why No Man's Sky hasn't been seen yet: the day one patch adds a substantial set of new features and content. 

I'll post the full patch below but here's a quick(ish) run though of all the things...

That's a super condensed version mind. It sounds like Hello had a ton of stuff that it just couldn't get done in time to hit the retail release date. One practical upshot of this is that anything you've seen of the game played via leaked/early copies is no longer representative.

Pre-patch saves will apparently technically work, but shut players out of the new stuff so the advice is to delete them and start over. 

It doesn't stop there either. Apparently Hello is working on the ability to "build bases and own giant space freighters" next, which sounds awesome.

You can check out the full and lengthy notes below.  

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