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Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling — Pet of the Month: June 2016

Popular for its battling capabilities, this mechanical pet is heating things up. This month we're covering the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling! To collect the , you'll either want to find someone with Engineering or have the profession yourself. Leave it to the Engineers to come up with such a neat pet! Crafting this dragonling requires Engineering skill 575. Whether you have Gnomish or Goblin Engineering, simply speak with a trainer to learn the recipe. Don't have a character with Engineering? Thankfully the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is Bind On Use and cageable! Materials required to craft this pet include: Ghost Iron nodes should be fairly easy to come by if you're a miner searching Pandaria, but the Auction House is also an option. Trillium might be a bit trickier, even for miners, as smelting a bar requires both and . Not only are these nodes rarer than Ghost Iron, it's also a lot more random which version (black or white) you'll come across. If the Auction House isn't an option for you, it's possible to obtain Trillium Bars with the help of an Alchemist. 10 Ghost Iron Bars (or 20 ore) can be transmuted into one Trillium Bar. And if lucky, the alchemical process could proc and yield bonus bars! A Spirit of Harmony is created by combining 10 . These motes drop from various mobs in Pandaria. Be prepared to slay a lot of foes — motes are not guaranteed to drop on every kill. It's also possible to grow Motes of Harmony on your personal farm at Half Hill in Valley of the Four Winds. Keep in mind that this requires some reputation grinding. are sold only to those with reputation of Revered or higher. Gathering materials for crafting not your cup of tea? If you enjoy RNG, try your luck with Blingtron! The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling has a small chance of dropping from the daily gift package. Whether for its aesthetic appeal or battling prowess (the only Mechanical pet with a Dragonkin attack to date), many collectors and battlers can attest that the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is a must-have in a collection. Be sure to save an upgrade Battlestone for this pet though. Its base quality when added to the Pet Journal is only Uncommon. The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling only has a single straightforward DPS move: . Beyond that, everything has frills and complications, so buckle up. Perhaps the most straightforward move to address is , which deals a small amount of damage, then additional damage later on. This is a decent move for combos. Speaking of combos, in addition to a little damage, the first slot move increases the opponent’s damage taken by 25%. It’s not a huge multiplier, but it’s something. Flyby doesn’t combo super well with until you get down to the very last pet, as it’ll split damage between all your opponent’s still living pets. That 25% is quite a bit of damage when you’re chunking 592 at one pet, but not so much when you’re buffing 25% of a third of 592. The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling’s last slot is its most peculiar. On the one hand you’ve got , which blocks 2 attacks your opponent makes. Only your opponent’s attacks count, so don’t be afraid to attack when you’ve got your Decoy up. The other hand is , which deals a huge amount of damage but kills your Dragonling dead. No res turn for you. Enjoy your horrific fiery death to explosives! Check out our forum thread discussion on the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

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