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Legion Beta: Test Pets Update and Hidden Pet Battle Quest

A new Legion Beta patch was recently released. The three datamined Test Pets were updated with names, however there's still quite a bit of mystery surrounding them. [] Last month we reported the on the Legion Beta. Without proper names, icons, or Pet Journal entries, these additions were shrouded in mystery. In the latest Beta update these Test Pets received an update — names! Unfortunately, that's the extent of the update. It's still unknown what these pets will look like or where they will come from. The names themselves could be placeholders as well. However, if the names are indeed any indication of what these pets will be, we can speculate that the two new Murky pets might be PVP related. With titles like 'Knight-Captain' and 'Legionnaire', how could they not be! Mischief is a name that could apply to a wide variety of pets. However, a telling clue might be in the tied to this pet. Datamining shows that it currently shares the same audio files as the Cinder Kitten — could Mischief be another feline friend? For now, we will simply need to wait a little longer for an actual reveal of what these companions are and how we'll collect them. Stay tuned, we'll have more information as this enigma unfolds. A WarcraftPets user recently found an interesting toy on Legion Beta that summons a Grand Master Pet Tamer! [] is a toy that can be looted . Using this toy summons , a Grand Master Pet Trainer. The toy can only be used while in Azsuna, and has a short cooldown time (2 minutes). This summoned ghostly NPC offers a low level (level 1) that is currently flagged as an account-wide weekly, and rewards 4 . Other players cannot pick up or battle another player's Shipwrecked Captive. Once you've accepted his quest, you can enter a Pet Battle with him. He has three level 25, epic (purple) quality pets on his team. The Shipwrecked Captive will despawn after 2 minutes, however if you're still engaged in a battle with him he will not instantly disappear. Only after you've exited battle with him will he despawn. No cheating by forfeiting, Mister Captive! Should you be unable to defeat him, you can simply resummon the NPC. After turning in the quest, you cannot battle him until you've picked up the quest again. Completing the quest does not trigger an auto-quest complete at the moment, so it's possible to defeat him, not turn in the quest, and continue challenging the Shipwrecked Captive, earning a decent amount of endless pet experience. Keep in mind that this may not be intended, and could change prior to release. Incorporating Pet Battles into discovered toys is a fun and engaging way to deliver content. We hope to see more interesting and different methods for pet-content in the future. In the mean time, we're definitely looking forward to this new trainer in Legion!

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