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Pet Battle Royale: Who Won the Seasonal Showdown?

This month, we voted on a grudge match between eternal opposites. Never before have the summer and winter met, and especially in such a bloodbath. Check out the video below to witness the latest Pet Battle Royale winner as , the WarcraftPets community. The vote was exceptionally, nail-bitingly close this month, with the lead swapping between Lulahoo and Kru'qai several times. In fact, Lulahoo just barely squeaked out the win with a single vote! Kru'qai is a dynamic battler, but couldn't overcome winter's chill. In the world of pet battling, there's always a next match. You never know who might show up in the ring in the next Pet Battle Royale! Check back soon for another chance to vote for the next champion.

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