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ZI Podcast Ep. 008: Thoughts on Breath of the Wild's Delays & NES Mini

This week's episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast is a bit of an odd one, as we had to call upon our fan base at the last moment to step up and create a worthwhile podcast. This is why some of the audio and possibly video quality... isn't exactly top notch, but who can blame them? They were brave enough to answer the call and we at Zelda Informer are enternally grateful. Is it possible we have some of the best fans on the internet?

why Breath of the Wild suffered delaysNintendo Classic Edition is a truly good announcement

This week we talk about all the hubbub around  and begin to dissect if the . We then turn things on their head as we discuss our favorite pieces of music from the Zelda series. As always you can send in your topic ideas, theme song submissions, or whatever else your heart desires to [email protected]

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