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The best PSP games of all time

The best Sony PSP games are not the games we imagined when Sony announced its intentions to dominate the portable gaming market. With the power of amazing PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games behind it, Sony made many promises with the PSP. Back in the far off land of 2003, the PSP would be the device that unseated the Game Boy as the face of handheld gaming. It would put PlayStation 2 level games right in your pocket. It would be the last video and music playing multimedia device you would ever need. It would have great games. It would be unstoppable. 

Of all the PlayStation Portable's promises, it only delivered on one. It was never a PS2 in your pocket and its multimedia features were awkward to use, but the PSP had truly spectacular games that often felt like a missing link between quick digestible portable experiences and more involved games made for the living room. These are the 25 best PSP games of all time, a portable that's still getting new releases 13 years after its debut.

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